COMING SOON – December 1st, 2017

Long Dance Home “If you like Hallmark movies, you will love this book!”

What is a meticulous, exacting perfectionist to do when life spins out of control?

Cece Camden has a plan ~ for work, for love, for life ~ and she believes she is right on track. Everything is falling into place. Until it doesn’t . . .

At the time of her 29th birthday, nothing goes according to the plan, and the disciplined, former ballerina is thrown into turmoil. After a chance encounter with an old rival with an unexpected request, Cece makes a decision that upends her life and sends it careening in a new direction. With a broken heart and unknown future, she returns to her hometown in Northern California where she is lured back into the life she’d left long ago, vowing never to return. Immersing herself in a holiday production of The Nutcracker, she struggles to let go of her dream and the love she left behind.

But as old wounds are opened, secrets are revealed, and family truths come to light, Cece realizes her lack of a plan presents intriguing possibilities for a life and purpose she’d never imagined. 

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