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julieAtPVCtrIn the mood for a quick read that will will make you laugh or cry or shake your head in disbelief? This is where to look. I love short stories, especially those that grabIMGP1256 and don’t let go until the last word. Here you’ll find short fiction, essays, humor, and adventures from my life. On the right is a list of posts – just click on a title that intrigues you. Welcome to my crazy world . . .  where stories are born pretty much every day.    


MOM FOR THE HOLIDAYS, 2016    ~     My essay, “Hanukkah Boy in a Christmas World,” is included in this great collection of heartwarming and hilarious stories


TWISTED TALES    ~   A unique short story anthology curated by the editorial team of READERS CIRCLE OF AVENUE PARK. It’s a global effort, literally, with contributions from 15 authors all the way from Africa, Europe, America and Asia. My story, A Man Walks Out of a Bar, deals with temptation . . . for this man, cheating once is forgivable; but twice? 



CROOKED TALES   ~   Stories of Deception and Revenge, also published by the team at Readers Circle Avenue Park. In my story, Confession, a young man confronts the priest who sexually abused him