The Totally True Story of Julie and Jack

The Totally True Story of Julie and Jack

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  • Love this story, and the way you tell it. Reminds me of when Benjamin & Michaela were little and we were packing up the car for Bruin Woods. I asked them to clean out the cage for our bird, JJ. As they were doing so, JJ flew away. Never ones to miss the opening cocktail party, we quickly posted signs around the neighborhood and off we drove, up the mountain to Lake Arrowhead. In those days, while we did have expensive “for emergency use only” cell phones, there was no cell service at BW. So, a week later, as we drove down the mountain, my cell phone started pinging with dozens of messages–each one a “sighting” of JJ. Finally, the last message, a kind neighbor who took JJ in, borrowed a cage, and took good care of him until we returned. When we picked up JJ, the neighbor told us that his dog did not like the bird, and he was planning to take JJ to the Humane Society the very next day. Thanks for your wonderful story and for reminding me of mine.

  • So happy to be the new mommy of Jack. Thank you, Julie, for bringing him into our lives ( and for documenting his travels) He has added much laughter to our home, and he looks exactly the same as he did 8 years ago. Hasn’t aged a bit! We love him very much!

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